Exclusive design of an apartment in the style of minimalism

The specialists of the Italian studio Archiplan have developed an exclusive apartment design for a client from the small town of Busto Arsizio. The result of their creative efforts is a compact but truly luxurious space enclosed in a shell of snow-white walls. It showcases an eclectic mix of delightful vintage accents, natural materials and a cozy, light-filled environment.

By combining precious woods with the crystal whiteness of the palette and playful details, the designers have created a fresh, soothing and at the same time cozy atmosphere. Under the pitched roof, crossed in several places by skylights, there is a friendly living space that pleases the eye with its clean lines and organic nature.

The dining table is especially intriguing: the combination of a textured wooden surface with an iron base, more appropriate in a hospital interior, brings a vintage charm. The composition is complemented by versatile chairs, each with its own character and style.

And this look is crowned with a fashionable brass lamp, which immediately attracts attention and gives the design of the room a more modern look. The noble marble countertops have the same pattern as the wood paneling in the kitchen area. Thanks to them, the space looks expensive and elegant.

The cozy living room, set up under the slope of the roof, is decorated in white and decorated with live plants. Custom-made shelves and storage systems complete the sophisticated design of this cozy city apartment.

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