Project of the week: Beige sofa and concrete instead of classics and pastels

The customer turned to the designer Adelina Gerber to renovate the apartment in which she managed to live for several years. I wanted to change everything, so the old furniture was taken out, the decoration was removed, and instead of an open space of almost 200 square meters, they made cozy bedrooms and a combined kitchen-living room (which will be discussed in the article).

Initial visualization of the project

Based on the customer’s wishes for color and style, the designer prepared sketches. But during their discussion, it became clear: the ideal interior that the young woman imagined in her head did not suit her in real life.

Then the project was completely redone – instead of pastel shades and classics, concrete walls and even a scarlet sofa appeared in it (the hostess chose it herself).

“I am grateful for this experience,” says Adelina Gerber, project designer. “At that time, red appeared in my works in the form of accents, and now it is one of the key colors in a number of interiors.”